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BULLFIGHTER'S BACK: Though we haven't got full details for you yet, it has recently been confirmed that the incomparable Bullfighter is back. The jargon-sniffing, bullshit-hunting software has been unavailable for many months, since its originators at Deloitte Consulting pulled the plug on it. Now they've agreed that it can be made available again as freeware — and the world will be a more fragrant, and pithy, place.

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E-EDITOR helps you make sense of working with words

There are now more editors, subs and writers struggling to make the words work in the outside world than in all the newspapers, magazines and publishers in the UK.

We are the e-editors. Unloved, unacknowledged and mostly unheard.

Till now.

This site's for us.

E-EDITOR is our meeting place, our discussion forum and our playground. If you recognise yourself in this mirror, get in touch. Let us know who you are and what you do. Tell us how many fellow inmates work with you (writers and editors) and give us an idea of how your work is regarded.

As E-EDITOR develops, we will bring you tips and training, answers to style guide queries and short cuts to better results. Click here to see the current menu. Thereís no membership fee and you donít have to register if you donít want to. Just spread the word, if you like what weíre doing, and chip in your suggestions if you think thereís something we could do better.

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