Itís Just a Click Away

Who do we think we are? What do we think we're doing? And why do we think you might care? E-EDITOR comes clean about the who, what, when, where, why.

Top Ten Tips
It canít be that easy. Well, we know itís not. But ten little steps in the right direction could transform most business writing.

Deloitteís Bullfighter
Bullfighter is a free software package, given away by Deloitte Consulting, that can sniff out jargon and shame your colleagues into writing better drafts.

The Onionís Famous Toaster
Read the e-editor's equivalent of Hamlet, originally written for the American online magazine, The Onion. Sheer, aching brilliance. You won't know whether to laugh or cry.

Schoolroom Myths
Shake off the shackles. Split your infinitives, if you know how to make it work. Start sentences with "And". E-EDITOR is here to lay the ghosts of infant school English.

Posh Parlance
Why do we wince when John Prescott trots out a load of pompous polysyllables? Why does so much business writing fall so flat? Itís the Latin loversí fault.

Title Challenges
We all know headlines and titles bring out the very worst in those whose words we handle. Help your people keep their heads high with E-EDITOR's guide to what works and why.

Raw Norse Power
They only left us a few dozen common terms. But the Viking legacy gave English 60 powerful words that ring out in headlines, ad slogans and song lyrics.

Punk Punctuation
So punctuationís suddenly ultra-fashionable, in the wake of the Lynne Truss best-seller, Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Hereís how to keep it simple and do it right.

Tools of the Trade
E-EDITOR wants you to do a good job and go home at half past four. If thatís not what technologyís about, what is?

Links and Resources
Where the brains are. Itís our own Yellow Pages of sites we like, with the emphasis on what's interesting, rather than worthy.

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